The world’s leading manufacturer of motor-powered two-wheelers for the last 120 years, Peugeot Scooters has often distinguished itself as the trailblazer for many innovations throughout its history. Today the brand launches an advertising campaign dedicated entirely to the Django with the artist Jordane Saget, and a partnership with the Rex club.

Paris, 25 May 2018 - Whilst Peugeot Scooters is celebrating its 120-year anniversary, Peugeot Django, the brand’s neo-retro scooter, is opening up its area of expression and moving into the electro-pop world. Both modern and urban, it is part of pop culture and its creative motifs, which are setting out the trends of tomorrow. 

Peugeot Django is a model that draws inspiration directly from the S55, the first scooter from the Lion brand, but that still charts its own course. A bit of a maverick, the scooter can give free rein to the imagination, as does the Parisian street artist, Jordane Saget. In his creation, he draws moving lines, evoking both city roads and variations in music notes from The Last Port, a young artist on the French electro scene, who has produced the sound track created especially for the project.


With several quick strokes of chalk, Jordan Saget sketches curved lines and offers the traveller the chance to take part in an unprecedented artistic experience, fully matching the ambition of Peugeot Django: to show the city from a different angle. The iconic silhouette of the scooter is seen during the piece, but only fully revealed at the end of the film; as if the Django had mapped out its own path. This way of asserting one’s identity, fulfilling oneself by remaining truly oneself and following one’s own path, is a reflection of the values and vocation of Peugeot Scooters, to facilitate the journeys and the lives of inspired urban travellers.

In parallel with this collaboration, on the occasion of its 120-year anniversary, Peugeot Scooters is also a partner in the anniversary line-up for 30 years of the Rex Club: a Parisian temple of the qualitative electro-pop scene and talent scout. As part of this, the emblematic street artist Noe Two, who signed the birthday poster for the Rex, for the first time ever, customised a unique original Peugeot Django: an illustration of the involvement of the scooter in the heart of the artistic "French touch" (musical, street, etc.).

All these enthusiastic and instinctive "achievers" are the very people that the Peugeot Django is aimed at, as a symbol of a curious and positive generation who are trying to think outside the box and to transform the everyday into an experience.

This model is available with 50cc and 125cc engines, in various (single or dual) colour options.