Peugeot Motorcycles predstavlja dva nova skutera u GT segmentu: Pulsion Allure 125 cc Red Ultimate i Pulsion RS 125 cc Mudnught Blue/Snow White.

Pulsion Allure 125 cc Red Ultimate Pulsion RS 125 cc Mudnught Blue

World Premiere: Introduction of Peugeot Pulsion

Peugeot Motocycles unveils Peugeot Pulsion and revolutionizes the GT and compact GT segments, with its world premiere urban GT scooter. Complementing the current 125 cc range, Peugeot Motocycles is a key player in urban mobility and is also strengthening its premium offer. This latest- generation scooter is developed and manufactured at the historical factory in Mandeure, France, the company's historical headquarters. With great maneuverability and agility in the city, it embeds new technologies in the GT and compact GT segments, evolving them into urban GT. As the latest generation of connected vehicles, Peugeot Pulsion inaugurates the i-Connect® technology specifically developed by Peugeot Motocycles and inspired by Automobiles Peugeot's i-Cockpit system. With its futuristic and flowing lines, and its grasp of urban traffic, Peugeot Pulsion perfectly reflects the new affirmation of the brand: Reshape Your City Life, et confirms its transformation. As its name indicates, "Pulsion" is synonymous with dynamism, and an instinct for desire, pulsations and strong emotions. The city is its favorite territory.

A sharp design

A  unique  design  showing  right  away it  belongs  to  the  Peugeot  family,  with  particular  attention  to details, including its analog speedometer and tachometer, the hands and the reverse rev-counter of which echo those on the Peugeot 308 car.  Peugeot  Pulsion  features  a  contemporary  and  sporty  silhouette,  with  energetic  proportions  and crafted style. An urban GT with a strong personality.   Sharp, precise and muscular lines sublimate the front of the scooter. The vents provide a sporty tone and highlight the full LED projectors. Black and chrome masks structure the optics for a sharp look. The  “lion’s  canines”  LED  lights  signature  design,  introduced  on  the  new  508  car,  is  recognizable among all.  The checkerboard air intake grille with chrome inserts also pays homage to the Peugeot family DNA.   The  “3  claws”  LED  taillights  design  captivate  and  surprise.  Their  crystalline  rendering,  their transparency and their 3-dimensional effect make them true jewels of technology. Lit by day and by night, these luminous signatures are directly inspired by the Peugeot Instinct concept car and found on the latest Automobiles Peugeot cars.  All these stylistic details put Peugeot Pulsion in the lineage of the last born of the Peugeot family. Finally, the wheels equipped with diamond rims, a carved windshield, and crafted footrests highlight a sharp musculature, and give Peugeot Pulsion a bold style.

i-Connect®: An innovative solution for daily navigation

Peugeot  Pulsion  introduces  i-Connect®,  derived  from  the  Peugeot  Automobiles  i-Cockpit  system, developed specifically by Peugeot Motocycles and never seen before in the world of two-wheelers. i-Connect®  is  based  on  3  exclusive  proposals,  attesting  to  the  passion  for  innovation  of  Peugeot Motocycles: 

  • Head-up steering, enabled by the ergonomic position of the TFT color display
  • A “driver – scooter – position” ergonomic steering triangle, streamlined by a curved handlebar that reduces the range of motion during maneuvers, and increases the speed and agility of the driver by offering a more relaxed driving position
  • A  dedicated  application  connected  to  the  scooter  for  a  latest  generation  digital  functional experience

With these 3 pillars, i-Connect® makes driving a more interactive, instinctive and secure experience. The driver is one with Peugeot Pulsion, the ergonomics of the scooter fitting closer to the driver.  The mobile application and its integrated GPS allow users to plan their trips and facilitate their daily activities, while taking traffic data into account. 

The ergonomic control wheel integrated on the handlebar allows users to select the desired menu, and two selection triggers provide further customization to allow even more instinctive readouts for their trips.    The connectivity on Peugeot Pulsion also provides the capability to receive calls, sms and other social media notifications in real time, from the user’s smartphone, which are shown on the TFT screen. 

High level security 

Peugeot Motocycles is the first manufacturer to offer Daytime Running Lights on the two-wheeler segment for maximum safety day and night.  ABS  brakes,  associated  with  combined  braking,  also  provides  unprecedented  performance  in  this segment. Driving is facilitated with the acceleration on the right hand and braking only on the left hand.  As another innovation of Peugeot Motocycles, Peugeot Pulsion features automatic warning signals activation in case of emergency braking, introduced on the new Peugeot Metropolis in 2017.

Other features   

With  its  125  cc  14.6  hp  PowerMotion  engine,  with  liquid  injection  and  cooling,  Peugeot  Pulsion confirms  its  dynamism.  Seconded  by  a  generous  11.9  Nm  torque  at  7,000  rpm,  it  ensures  strong acceleration and performance.  Its short 4.7 feet wheelbase, compactness, weight under 375 lbs and 14-inch front wheel, combined with its connectivity, make for a formidable urban GT.   No need to have a frequent look at the gas gauge – its generous 3.2 gallons tank allows for lengthy getaways.  Its convenient and smart key fob allows for a keyless start right from the driver’s pocket. Need to find your scooter quickly? No need to worry – pressing the key fob helps identifying the scooter among others by activating the “Find-Me” feature, which triggers the warning lights.  For added convenience, simply pressing the dedicated buttons unlocks the fuel trapdoor and the seat.   Regarding habitability, Peugeot Pulsion can accommodate a full-face helmet and a jet helmet under the seat. A passenger will be comfortably seated on the soft seat, complemented by grab handles and retractable footrests with particularly well designed ergonomics.     

In short, Peugeot Pulsion includes:

  • A  powerful  125  cc  PowerMotion®  engine  manufactured  in  the  Peugeot  Motocycles factory in France
  • Automatically  activated  warning  lights  in  the  event  of  emergency  braking,  and  ABS brakes with combined braking
  • A smart key fob for a keyless start, with a Find-Me feature
  • Daytime Running Lights
  • Generous storage space under the seat to fit a full-face helmet and a jet helmet

The  i-Connect  system®,  combining  unprecedented  ergonomics  and  connectivity,  reinventing  the operation of a GT  Peugeot Pulsion will be available in two versions:

  • Allure: Red Ultimate and Shining Titanium
  • RS: Midnight Blue/Snow White and Mat Black/Shinning Titanium

Availability: Spring of 2019